When everyone uses
their own straw
the pipe can be shared
without spreading illness

RicePipe™ - reduce health risks when smoking, the RiceWay™

RicePipe™ reduce health risks when smoking, the RiceWay™
New RicePipe!
Removing residue
Using mouthpiece
Removing soiled rice
Heating glass for ease of cleaning
Adjustable bowl depth

“No doubt about it, the straw's the best!”


The RicePipe is a smoking appliance innovation that uses ordinary white rice as a filtering agent for a cooler and cleaner smoke. The highly absorbent rice collects debris from the smoke that could otherwise color your teeth or coat your lungs.

Enjoy the Rice Way and click here to let us know what you think.

“You can push out your leftover ash...that's convenient”

“This bowl has lasted forever, I'm telling you.”

“I'm liking that you can take it apart!”

“This would be really cool and handy-dandy in my purse, especially with this silicone [travel] cap.”

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and see what happens ;)

Attributes of the RicePipe

  • RicePipe's Natural Rice Filter collects tar and ash and cools the smoke for a superior smoking experience
  • Sanitary when shared–pass the pipe, but use your own straw
  • Made from non-toxic, easy to clean, food grade materials
  • Rice is biodegradable, cheap and non-toxic
  • Reduces harmful second hand smoke
  • Conserves product and amplifies enjoyment
  • Compact, efficient and portable
  • Handy Travel Cap prevents contents of bowl from spilling out
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